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Good Girl Dazzling Garden

Thương hiệu: Carolina Herrera Mã sản phẩm: SKU888889754
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4.290.000₫ Giá niêm yết: 6.390.000₫ Tiết kiệm: 2.100.000₫
Gọi 0901 250 190 để tư vấn mua hàng
Good Girl Dazzling Garden
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Good Girl Dazzling Garden
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Good Girl Dazzling Garden
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Good Girl Dazzling Garden
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Good Girl Dazzling Garden
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Intriguingly vibrant yet subtly dark, this perfume encapsulates the magnificent complexity of a woman with a collection of extraordinary ingredients. Good Girl's brightness and feminine allure originate from the enchanting properties of jasmine. Meanwhile, its darker shades are conjured by the profound scents of lush cocoa and bewitching tonka. The instant vitality of Good Girl is invigorated by almonds and coffee. A novel extraction method introduces tuberose in a richly delicate form, functioning as the perfume's unpredictable element, infusing it with fluidity and grace. Good Girl mirrors the effortless sophistication and charm of the House of Herrera. The quintessential scent for the alluring femme fatale, blending sensual jasmine with seductive tonka. It's a delight to court danger.


  • Top: sambac jasmine, crystal tuberose
  • Middle: velvet almond
  • Base: tonka bean, cocoa, coffee
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